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BMED ZORG is a team of trustworthy professionals committed to the service of homecare and housekeeping.

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Pastor Dan Lithstraat 21, 2283 KD Rijswijk, The Netherlands

+32 465 2014 77



Home support and personal care Services Antwerpen - BMEDZROG

Institutionalized care is not the only answer when the activities of daily living become a challenge.

BMED ZORG is here to help your loved one live at home, where they desire to be. We know it takes an exceptional person to provide personal care, and we are committed to selecting only the very best.

Our professional caregivers will exceed your expectations for compassion and skill.

Services include but are not limited to:

Home support and personal care services

Nursing care services

Services include but are not limited to:

Strictly under doctors and qualified nurse supervision

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    You Can Get Reimbursement

    with persoonsgebonden budget (PGB)

    Various forms of financing are possible for your nursing and home care services.  BMED ZORG is ready to advise and support you fill in your PGB form

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