About Us

BMED ZORG is a team of trustworthy professionals committed to the service of homecare and housekeeping.

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Pastor Dan Lithstraat 21, 2283 KD Rijswijk, The Netherlands

+32 465 2014 77


About Us

About us

Get Professional Home Support & Personal Care Services

BMED ZORG is a team of trustworthy professionals committed to the service of home care and nursing for the elderly and physically challenged, as well as medical and commercial cleaning services.

Our staff perform to the highest standards, which we consistently achieve by using a tested and efficient business model and working with you to achieve the best service we can. Whether you are a healthy senior struggling with mobility and house upkeep or an adult who cannot provide the care you need to live at home, we tailor our services to your needs. We help families and comapnies across Belgium.

If you’re looking to hire home-care or commercial cleaners in Belgium who can take care of your needs, and we strive to provide an unrivalled service to suit your needs.

Living in the era of COVID-19 means frequent cleaning and appropriate disinfection of all living and working environments. BMED Cleaning System offers an Antiviral Sanitisation and Disinfection Service to our private and commercial clients.

Our mission

Our goal is to simplify our client’s lives by saving valuable time and energy in the most effective and efficient manner. By taking all chores off your “to do” list, time is freed for family, friends and fun!Here at BMED ZORG we will go that extra mile to ensure you receive the highest standard and quality of service.

Our Core values

BMED ZORG values our reputation for quality, motivated professionals and client satisfaction. No matter how tough the job, BMED ZORG can handle it quickly and efficiently. We guarantee high quality service at competitive prices. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. We guarantee discretion, reliability and impeccable care services that exceeds expectations.

Get Reimbursement with persoonsgebonden budget (PGB)

Various forms of financing are possible for your nursing and home care.  At BMED ZORG for Home-Care Services, we are ready to advise and support you within the system of law to fill in your PGB form and guide you appropriately.

Why Hire Us

BMED ZORG Was Founded to Make a Difference

One thing we learned in this industry is that customer service means everything! This starts from the top and bottom of our organizational chart. We believe in quality, not quantity of our services, and the teammates we hire. By hiring us, here are what you can expect:

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