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BMED ZORG is a team of trustworthy professionals committed to the service of homecare and housekeeping.

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Pastor Dan Lithstraat 21, 2283 KD Rijswijk, The Netherlands

+32 465 2014 77




Healthy Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning with the experts is essential to maintain strict hygiene standards and avoid cross-contamination

Let BMED ZORG brighten your home or parent’s home

One of BMED ZORG signature services is professional house cleaning. In our time caring for people and the elderly, we have learned that a clean home is essential to wellbeing in challenging times.

If you are caring for an aging parent at home or children and you are too busy with the workload. BMED ZORG top-notch housekeeping service is the easiest way to make a big difference for everybody involved.

As you can see, at BMED ZORG, we take house cleaning seriously. For us, caring and cleaning are part of helping our loved ones stay happy and healthy at home.

Bedrooms, Living Room & Common Areas



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